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Pizza for Pirates - January 2020

Date: 21st Jan 2020 @ 7:25pm

'Pizza for Pirates'

This week we started our learning with a circle time. During circle time we shared some objects from the big treasure chest. The children were encouraged to chat to each other regarding what they could see and why they think we have them in our classroom. After reading the story 'Pizza for Pirates' we created our own 'Pizza Shop' in our classroom and added different props to create role play. We were incredibly lucky to be given some real items from the local Pizza Hut.


As instructed by the pirates in the story, we set off around the school to find out the most popular pizza topping. In preparation for our baking on Friday we needed to find out the toppings we needed. The children used marks to give meaning to what they needed. 

During free play, we have been using 'Google Maps' to find the nearest 'Pizza Shop'. It was great to see the children using technology independently and easily. 

Pirate Pete spend the evening at Pizza Hut and helped make the pizza's for the customers. Thank you to Abu-Bakr's Mum/Dad for helping bring our learning to life. 

During outside play we have been busy dressing up as pirates and playing 'positional games'. The children took turns to put on the pirate masks and organised themselves into the correct place in the line.

We thought our learning couldn't get any better. On Thursday Miss Mac became a chef for the day and made yummy pizza's with the children. The classroom smelt amazing! Have a look at our designs. 

The best part of making them, we could eat them for our afternoon snack! :)


On Friday the children finished making their artwork with Miss Wright. They are now proudly on display in the classroom - feel free to pop in and have a look!


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